my other hovercraft is also full of eels

Sorry I only use this for posting comics these days, regular (fan)art updates are all on tumblr and regular drivel on twitter
beautiful ojisans, busy being fabulous, crying at misuchiru concerts, dino/squalo, fantastic pants, finding mitsunari boyfriends, finding squalo better boyfriends, gin/tonic, gintama, gintoki/katsura, hee-hective ho-mance, ishida akira's million-dollar voice, kongming's fearsome--juggling, love--justice--sexuality!, mengde/fengxiao, mr. children, ouran black magic club, putting our guns on, radwimps, sengoku basara, sengoku era shenanigans, the ravages of time, three kingdoms of badass, tsundere okras, uppercutting upon reunion, useless below the neck, wasting money on dresses, what would siegfried do, working harder, ▲▽, 州・ω・)人ζ・×・ζ