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a post not about basara!! the world is ending

Actually I am 100% sure someone else has not only done a Sandman/Inception crossover but dunnit far more eloquently (I got tired after page 4, re-read it and said WAIT WHAT IS THIS EVEN ABOUT)

Spoilers for Inception (well.. everything) and Sandman books 9 and 10 (although you have no excuse for not reading them)

If you haven't read Sandman or if you're like, why is Dream's hair white... there is no real need to understand but do read the whole thing when you can. I'm not the biggest Gaiman fan but I really, really, really love the Sandman series, the writing is somehow more touching than what I read in his novels. It was a huge influence and also heartrendingly beautiful as a story about this.. anthropomorphic personification whom you feel you should dislike but find yourself rooting for by the end.

Anyway this (piece of tribute nonsense) is pretty bad and sorry if it doesn't make sense. I just.. wanted to stop drawing after page 4. (Personally I like the last pages the most though)


The end! Thanks for reading.

In hindsight I was thinking about responsibility for one's actions, which was a theme that stuck with me after the show (due to the characters' abundance and lack of it, depending on who you look at). Also what Saito thought about while he was in limbo, and how surreal that must have been, and how finding Saito became something of a 'reality defining quest item' to Cobb, and how Cobb could possibly have been sure that he'd found the real Saito in the end.

More though, I wondered what Dream would say about these guys tramping all over his realm. And it had to be this Dream; let's face it only this Dream would be compassionate enough to empathize somewhat with both Cobb and Saito, and nice enough to let Cobb search for Saito on his own terms (i.e. on his own, since Cobb probably views Dream as just another projection). Morpheus would have just thrown them unceremoniously back to reality, then sent Cobb to Hell (literally) when Cobb kept coming back to look for Saito

(I do however appreciate how this Dream is just as socially inept as Morpheus lol)

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